Tuesday, August 28, 2012

standing four feet ten in one sock

 Sooooo basically the only thing that happens during the summer in my town is the fair. It's simple, a few animal barns (with the MOST macabre/perfect sign that read "Lamb BBQ Friday" which was hung up right outside of the sheep barn), one room for local art, one for flowers, and the rest devoted to greasy food and rickety rides. 

THIS IS IT IN ALL ITS GLORY. I went twice, obviously because it was so much fun. Fair vibes just speak to me, alright? The sun and the dead grass, and the pastels and the DEEP FRIED OREOS.They were so GOOD oh my god. 

Really though, the blaringly loud hits from the 00s on the loudspeakers got to me because MAN did they ruin the sun-drenched happiness of it all. So I made my own playlist. Maybe some day I'll go the fair, beat up a ride operator, and play this mix over the loudspeakers. Or not. Either way, here's the mix.

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  1. Hi Aubrey. Nice pictures. The fair does sound like fun. It's a shame the sun-drenched happiness got ruined. At least it existed (if only for a while). I'm not familiar with any of your playlist songs except Ruby Tuesday (because of The Royal Tenements).